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Machine park

 Wide-format printing

The technology for printing large images on different media is called wide-format printing. The dimensions can reach up to 5m in width. The high quality of the printing -1440x1440dpi - allows for it to be used for indoor and outdoor advertising. The eco solvent inks which are used do not have harmful emissions and are weather-proof, including UV resistant. The coverage they provide is very good regardless of the media; they are also resistant to water-based and alcohol-based solvents and there is no need for additional protection of the printed items.

Digital and offset printing

Digital printing is a digital method of printing onto different media, which does not require preparation of the printed shapes. The printing may be monochrome and full-colour - a combination of the four basic colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. It is used with special digital paper. It is suitable for printing of small series of printed advertising: business cards, flyers, menus, folders, etc. Offset printing is a type of printing in which the ink from the printed shape is transferred onto the paper though an intermediate canvas (indirect printing). It is suitable for printing of large numbers: business cards, flyers, menus, folders, stationery, catalogues, posters, etc.

Laser engraving and cutting

With laser engraving and cutting, a laser beam having no contact with the surface, scratches the material, leaving a lasting, indelible impression onto it. The cutting is done with high speed and precision. The cut surface has a high degree of smoothness. It is used for processing: steel, PMMA, ABS, acrylic, PET, polyethylene, polyurethane, rubber, leather, cardboard, paper, wood and wood-based panels, MDF, textiles.

In the mechanical cutting products are processed using a cutting tool. It is used for treating soft and hard metals and non-metals, including brass, aluminium, etalbond, PVC sheets, etc.